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Mentorship Program

Our community consist of young people that lack parental guidance. Whether it be an absent father, death of a parent, or just parents work a lot, children lack the encouragement and push needed to be successful in this day in age. 

We need volunteers to show up on Saturdays to build relationships with the kids and families. But not for it to stop there.


Adopt A Block

Through Adopt A Block, we aim to build lasting relationships with our community. Our goal is to pull out any potential that has been hidden. Speaking Life and destiny. We will meet monthly in neighborhoods. Click below for calendar! 


Sponsor a child from Uganda

We have been in relationship with Pastor Paul for over 10 years. We have seen his ministry grow and thrive. We want to partner with him by supporting children at his school. Children are in need of things like tuition, books, uniforms, food for school and some lack food and materials to thrive in their home lives. We have 18 children that need to be supported.

Click below to see children and find out more about Pastor Paul.


Special Meetings

​We will be having special meetings such as Christmas, Easter back to school events. Our desire is to shine the love of Christ and for everyone we come in contact with to encounter and choose Jesus. 

Praying Hands

Inner Healing Prayer Ministry

We have a team that was trained by Bethal Sozo team. We use the tools we learned to help you connect to the Godhead in a way you never thought possible! Click below if you want to schedule a prayer without team!


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